Those Gosh Darn emails!

They just won’t go away.  If this does not make it obvious that the FBI covered up for her than nothing else will.   The secret agencies that are “supposed” to protect us consider themselves our rulers.   It is not foreign threats that they care about but carefully managing public opinion so that they will retain power.  There was a time in the United States when a national secret police force would have been unthinkable. For true American federalism to be restored the FBI and all the other secret agencies at the federal level need to be disbanded.


The rise of Alt-Right vs Socialist left in Amercia

The traditional political spectrum is fracturing.  No longer are the political parties able to hold together consensus.  There is no American consensus any longer, maybe their never was but today it is becoming obvious that Americans have vastly different visions of the American future.  Bernie Sanders, a self declared socialist, is progressives choice.  For a long time socialists have had hide their ideology to get elected.  No longer,  they are now feel their numbers are strong enough that they can wear the ideology out in the open.  The Alt-Right is also an interesting development.  They are explicitly non-libertarian but also feel that the political establishment has sold America down the river.  What do these movements mean for the future of the United States?  Jeff Deist explains below.


Sweeden, Immigration to death?

Many libertarians are for open borders but there has been a large shift in the last couple years.  Hans-Herman Hoppe is probably the one of the most well know Austrian economists that has contributed to this shift.  From an purely economic point of view open immigration makes sense, after all, free trade is a good thing.  If we believe in the free movement of goods across borders why not people? Hans- Herman Hoppe has countered this that a group of have the right to associate with who they want and that also means that they have the right to not associate with who they want.  This is a basic natural right.  My views have shifted to the Hoppe view.  Moving whole groups or cultures into a civiliation ate a rate that is impossible to assimilate is a fools errand.  This is made increasingly worse with the modern welfare states, this puts a drag on the whole system and consumes a great amount of resources.  This is what is happening to Sweden today and this has become one of the best examples.  The video below explains.


National Review Freaks out about Trump

Trump is obviously not a liberty minded individual but it is very enjoyable to watch the political establishment lose complete control and relentlessly attack the front runner of the Republican presidential field.  The neocon dominated National Review has taken out all the stops to attack Trump. In its upcoming issue “The National Review issue features anti-Trump essays from more than 20 conservative thinkers” with its cover screaming “Against Trump”.   WOW!  Where was the National Review when the Republican party was nominating boring moderates like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney?  What is there obsession with Trump? Why the deep hatred of the man? The answer is simple, both parties are controlled by powerful interest groups and opinion makers.  Both parties hate populism because all opinions supposed to be delicately molded by New York intellectuals.   Trump’s candidacy appears to be some sort of divine justice, as the National Review has always been dominated by moderates and “former” leftists that have spent much of their history purging the right of anyone who questions the Bill Buckley foreign policy.  Tom Woods has an excellent podcast episode here and Murry Rothbard has written about this as well.

I believe that the new National Review article reveals how desperate the establishment is and how much they are losing control of the narrative.  For all of Trump’s faults, he appears to be his own man, un-owned by the powerful Washington special interests.  This is extremely rare in national politics.  The only examples of this kind of populism subverting the political establishment in the last century have William Jennings Bryan and Barry Goldwater.  The Republican establishment has spent the last 50 years trying to prevent something like this happening again.  Now it happening.  It reminds me of an old Klingon proverb, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Why did people see three shooters at San Bernardino?

This is strange.  There also seem to be a number of videos of witnesses reporting similar events, that is that there were three white shooters.  I don’t really know what to make of this but I respect Gary North a whole bunch, and if he brings it up it is probably worth noting.  I don’t want to dig to far into the area of conspiracy but some of these shooting events do seem strange to me.

Gary North goes into greater detail here.

Federal Lawsuit could Reveal Contents of 28 Pages Omitted From 9/11 Report That Allegedly Implicate Saudi Government

This is sure strange.  Why would the government classify pages from the 9/11 Report?  This is a tax payer funded report after all.  The government dragged their feet for a long time before doing any kind of investigation but finally the 9/11 victims family’s were able to pressure the government enough to publish a report. But, alas, some info the American people just do not need to know or so our wise government officials believe.  Is the Saudi Government involved?  This is the rumor in D.C.  If true, this would be a news item groundbreaking significance and probably the most important revelation to occur during my life.

Full story here from the Daily Mail.