Where to go from here?

Many people worry about elections and think that liberty can simply be voted into office.  Many people looked at the candidates last night and noticed that the only one who believes in liberty garnered little national support.  Many people think that this is it, this election is the last shot to have liberty in our lifetimes, and that last night was a large set back.  I would like to advise people that these things are simply not true and here is why.


1.  To place such a large weight on one night of voting is something that the news media promotes to up viewership.  Last weekend the media claimed that we would have a clear frontrunner and that after Ohio we would know who is going to win the nomination.  The day after the election the media is already saying that it is going to be a long battle and that this could continue for months more.  This has been true for every state in the primary season so far, think Florida, or Michigan.  After both of those we were supposed to have a clear front runner  and a win would be a knockout blow to the other candidate.  Well the primary season goes on as normal after each election with no clear frontrunner. Why?  Well, they like ratings.  Each primary is pumped up to be some sort of landmark event to increase viewership.  After each primary the race drags on.  There are many states to go and as we have seen with other candidates in the last six months, a candidate could look like a sure thing like Rick Perry, Herman Cain, or even Newt and fall dramatically in the polls.  This race is far from over and anything could happen.  The media claiming that this is locked up or is a two man race is naive and insulting.  They have been trying to make it a two man race for the last six months with other candidates (example Perry and Romney) and voters have simply not let the media have such a neat narrative.   Whatever your thoughts are about Rick Santorum are, no one in the media thought that he would have such a meteoric rise.  Crazy things happen in politics and so far the media narrative has not even been close to correct. So why believe them now?

2.  The media is purposely trying to dishearten those who believe in liberty.  They try to frame politics on simple voting totals and then ignore or smear the one candidate that would make any serious changes.  They want to make people believe that a liberty oriented candidate would never win.  Every debate and election they try to reinforce this view.  This has the effect of making a candidate appear illegitimate in the eyes of the voting public.   Don’t let them!  You know your views are valid.  You know what is true and what is not.  Yes, the media and to a large amount the public, think our views are foreign or alien when they first hear them but this doesn’t mean that it is hopeless.  We have seen great progress since 2008.  Our numbers are in the millions. We may not be a majority but a tireless, enthusiastic minority can change history.   It has changed history, and it will again! The money bombs that have taken place should be a national story every day.  The mere concept that a campaign could put ads up and be competitive in every single state with mere grassroots support  and small contributions from the middle class is amazing in itself.  The media might not recognize this feat but it does not mean that we should not.   Furthermore, I would bet a lot of money that the media does recognize this and that is why they are so afraid.  As lovers of Liberty, we don’t believe much of anything the media says anyway, so why take their word that our candidate is down and out?

3.  Lastly, this battle will not be won in elections.  It will be won in the hearts and minds of the American people.  I read somewhere that we are “not simply voters but activists”.  In a way this is true and it is truly an awesome thing.  All revolutions were started by activists.  A revolution has never been started by your average voter that does his “civic duty” and votes once a year and occasionally follows politics on TV.  This is a revolution of ideas. Ideas have power.  Human history is a slave to ideas.  Most people don’t realize this because human existence is very placid with very little change for a very long time.  Then, all of a sudden, great change happens and most people have no idea what is going on.  These changes happen because of new ideas and the revolutions they cause are often unexpected by most of the public.  The truth is that every revolution had ideas percolating under the surface for years beforehand but no one really notices because it is so foreign to what they consider normal. Then great change happens all at once and a society is changed forever.  Ideas are often the hardest to quantify but their effects, for good or ill, change the course of human events more than any other factor.  Pagan Rome thought ideas did not matter, then came a thousand years of Christian dominance.   The British Empire thought that ideas did not matter, then came the American Revolution.  Czarist Russia thought that ideas did not matter, then came the Bolsheviks.   Ideas have power and Liberty is the most powerful idea that mankind has ever produced.  This is why we will win.