The science and politics of cancer is complex issue.  People do not like to think about a disease in those terms but cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry.  It is obvious that the oil industry has a stake in its profits, rival technologies to produce power would be an obvious threat to multibillion dollar companies.  It is common in the to hear in the media that the oil industry funds anti-gobal warming research to prevent people from using alternative sources of energy.  Whether global warming exists or not is besides the point. What is clear is that much of the public and the media commonly accept the idea that the oil industry would take steps or “conspire” to confuse the public on the global warming issue or other such issues that might pose a threat to profits.  For some reason, if cancer is brought up, the idea of self interest should not be considered. Cancer treatments costs are over 50 billion dollars a year in the U.S with the majority of new cancer drugs approved since 2006 costing more than $20,000 for a 12-week course.  With profits this high and the costs per patient so extreme it is time that the public scrutinizes the medical-industrial complex as much as the oil companies and the crony capitalists Wall St.

Edward Griffon is well known within the libertarian community for his work “The Creature from Jekyll Island“.  This is how I know of Edward Griffin.  “The Creature from Jekyll Island” is still one of the best works on the Federal Reserve System.  It is heavily footnoted and a very academic work, worth reading for those who do know much about the Federal Reserve.  Little did I know that he first started writing about the topic of cancer.  Bellow is a video that everyone should watch.