How a person thinks about stress literally changes their physical reaction to stress. People that believe that stress is harmful are much more likely to do die early as opposed to a person who does not believe stress as harmful but still experiences the same amount of stress.  The most obvious take away from this is to make sure you look at stress as a normal or even healthy.  Your body will respond in a healthy way if you literally think stress is healthy!  Yes, what you believe literally changes how your cardiovascular system.


Ketogenic Diet

I have recently being trying to shift my diet to a more Ketogenic type to diet.  It is kindof like a more strict version of the Paleo diet.  The difference is that the Ketogenic diet is about 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs.  The reason for the protein restriction is that after a certain amount of protein consumption your body starts turning much of the your protein consumption into carbohydrates.  Therefore the Ketogenic diet brings down blood sugar much more than what most people eat in a Primal or Paleo diet.  Contrary to popular opinion, sugar is what makes people fat, not dietary fat.  Sugar also leads to all kinds of other health problems like cancer, diabetes, depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and many more diseases.

The Ketogenic diet was first used to treat people with epilepsy.  It was discovered that a very high fat diet often reduced or totally eliminated seizures.  Researches today believe that a Ketogenic is highly beneficial for cogitative health and helps ward off all kinds of brain diseases and other mental problems like depression and ADHD  The newest line of research is how the Ketogenic diet prevents and in many cases cures cancer.  This is because cancer cells can only use glucose for energy.  When sugar is eliminated from the diet the liver must produce ketone bodies for energy but cancer cells cannot use ketone bodies for energy so they literally starve to death.  Since changes in diet cannot be patented by pharmaceutical companies, there will likely be no major push to make diet a part of cancer treatment, so don’t expect the doctor to tell your friends or loved ones that have cancer about the Ketogenic diet.


The Judge on the National Debt

Apparently we are still paying of the national debt from the World War I.  This is not surprising when one understands Federal Reserve is a private bank.   The more debt the U.S. government is in, the more interest the private stock holders make.  It is even uglier when you understand that the private bank simply prints off the money that it is loaning out.  If you or I do that it is called counterfeiting but luckily for Fed stockholders, the Federal Reserve has a government granted monopoly on the printing of money.  Yes, other private individuals have the government mandate to print and loan money at will to U.S. government.  This is why the U.S. government will never get smaller nor will the national debt be reduced baring some kind of massive economic crisis.

Here is the Judge

Government Mind Control?

It seems the government plans to use Trans-cranial Magnetic Cranial Stimulation to control human beings.  There is a business in Omaha that already uses Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation in neurotherapy to help people all kinds of people that suffer a wide range of brain ailments.  Unfortunately, governments usually have darker motives when using brain altering technology.

This technology will be both the great frontier for healing human beings and the brave new world for government oppression.  People who think this is far fetched watch the video below.

Peter Schiff on Coast to Coast

This is a great interview with Schiff.  If you are somehow still unaware how the coming crisis will come you have to listen to this.  Schiff also mentions some things that I never thought of.  He talks about government debt is worse than debt of a company like Coca-Cola.  If Coca-Cola defaults, then the creditors get the company, if the U.S. government defaults the creditors get nothing.  Ouch!  Some countries (China?) could look at that as an act of war.  I hope no one visiting this website holds government bonds.

The interview with Schiff starts about 8:30 into the video.


My own personal thoughts on default and raising the debt ceiling is one big yawn.  You are much better off not watching this political theater at all.  Walk your dog, kiss your girlfriend, just don’t turn on the TV and watch this current load of bull.  Your blood pressure will thank you later.   You would be better off reading a book on the Federal Reserve and looking for investments that will protect you against coming default.  Time is running out.  If you are expecting politicians to figure this whole thing out you are going to look like a big dummy to your grandchildren not yet born.  Don’t disappoint them, buy some gold and silver.

A nice video of your friendly neighborhood police officer

Thanks to the LRC blog for posting this video.  I think the violence in this video speaks for itself.  What I find interesting is how nonchalantly this police officer commits such abuse.  He seems to be totally unprovoked.  He does this because he can, simple as that.  Thank God there was a video, if there was not this woman would have likely been charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.  That unfortunately standard operating procedure for most police.  Physically abuse a citizen and then charge them with a crime.



If you don’t think this action is common among police officers ask some of them yourselves.  They will at least admit that other officers do this kind of stuff if they have any honesty.  I have met many who have bragged about how they abuse the law.  One was a Sgt First Class in the National Guard.  He bragged about he beat up a black kid because the kid made a smart ass comment about a fellow officer in the hospital.  Another was a Corporal in the Marine Corps Reserves who was a full time state trooper.  He said that whenever he pulled someone over, his dash camera would accidentally get “bumped” so their would be no video of him interacting with the citizen.  I told him he was a piece of sh*t.  He shrugged his shoulders.