Nomi Prins on USA watchdog

Nomi Prins is a fantastically intelligent woman. In this interview she goes into how banking became so intertwined with government.  The banking industrial establishment has been protected by the government for a long time and it is a complex history that you will NEVER get in your history text books.  Thank you Nomi Prins for shedding light on the topic.


Peter Schiff on the benifits of failure

Peter Schiff makes the point that when the U.S. government does finally hit rock bottom, it will be a benefit.  The sooner the better, otherwise the economic errors will continue to accumulate the day of reckoning that much worse.  Peter Schiff also points out that when our economy finally does sort out its problems and the government is drastically reduced by necessity, we could have a bright future ahead.  Schiff points to both Germany and Japan after World War II as economies that recovered quickly after complete economic destruction.   We are in a much better shape, we still have all of our infrastructure.  I would add that America also has an entrepreneurial spirit that will aid in our recovery.  Peter Schiff’s short interview below.