Where is Russia going, who is the mind behind Putin?

This is a very interesting interview with a PHD student on a Canadian news network.  Where is Putin coming from and who is Aleksandr Dugin?  It turns out that Aleksandr Dugin is a political philosopher from Russia.  Needless to say that he has a much different view of history and the West in general.  No matter one’s feeling on Putin, it is very compelling to hear about some of the philosophy undergirding much of Putin’s philosophy and foreign policy.  Dugin believes that in the 20th century there have been three major political philosophies, fascism, communism, and liberalism.  Fascism and communism have both failed and all that stands now is Western liberalism (or fascism?).   Dugin makes the point that Western liberalism today is not the classical variety that rests on reason but is some kind of new strain of soulless modernism wrapped up in representative democracy.  The fall of the Soviet Union was supposed to be the end of history resulting in the triumph of Western liberalism (social democracy) but has instead left the world with a mono-polar world that forces its perceived cultural superiority on the rest of the globe.  It seeks to dictate its values to the rest of the world but as time goes on it is becoming apparent to everyone that Western liberalism is in the midst of its own crisis.  I think Dugin is completely correct on this point.  The decline of Western societies into debt ridden, nanny/spy state corporate oligarchies that seek world military and cultural domination should be obvious to anyone not drowning in mainstream news propaganda.  It is certainly obvious to much of the rest of the world.  Worse, the West stands for no real values and the few it does stand for is at odds with many traditional cultures around the globe.   Dugin hopes for a future in which a fourth political philosophy is embraced in which cultures around the world advance at their own pace and develop their own values.  I too would like to see such a world, a world of true multiculturalism.




Aleksandr Dugin himself speaking about his book.