A Great Day for Liberty

 In the long run, the reelection of Obama will be a major victory for the liberty movement and the country as a whole.  Today we are in a war of ideas.  The philosophical underpinnings of the warfare/welfare state have existed since World War II.  Both parties have been complicit. Actually, the republicans have been in many ways worse. There was almost no difference between Obama and Romney.  Anyone who believed that Romney would have made any significant changes was deluding themselves and simply does not understand history.  Republicans have always increased the size of the state faster than Democrats, their rhetoric is merely cover.  Nixon created OSHA, the EPA and set price controls for the whole country, an act that a Democrat might have been impeached for.  Reagan vastly increased the Federal deficit, raised corporate taxes, increased foreign aid to bunch third world dictatorships and vastly increased the number of federal employees.  I am not even going to to start about the Bushes.  The point of course is that electing a Republican in the hopes that he will respect the constitution and reduce the size of government is a pure illusion.  This is not only the fault of Republican politicians either (many who have overtly emraced the New Deal) but most main street Republicans in general like small government rhetoric but in reality love the large government programs (for example, when polled self identified Tea Party members actually look favorably upon programs like social security and Medicare while at the same time say that they are for “small government” ). However, I am not writing this to explain how Republicans are big government parasites just like the Democrats, this should be obvious. I am writing this to explain where do we go from here and how will the re-election of Obama will be good for liberty in America in general.

The recession will get worse under Obama and will likely turn into a inflationary depression.  This has already been set into motion because of Federal Reserve policies and there would have been no way for Romney to change it.  Luckily, with Obama in office, there will no way this could be blamed on capitalism because the President is so overtly a welfare statist.  If Romney was elected on the other hand, the coming depression would have been very likely have been blamed on capitalism and the free-market, even though no such free market has existed for a hundred years.  After the impression by many that the “free-market” president Bush caused the 2008 crisis, an other crisis under Romney would have been a huge blow against capitalism.  Thank goodness Obama will be there to take all the blame this time!  I am sure that some worry that the media will try to put some of it on the Republican congress but history always seems to remember the President, not who controls congress.  Do you remember who controlled the house and senate under FDR, Kennedy, or Johnson?  If you do good job but most people sure don’t.  When this thing goes down, people will remember President Obama and his welfare state policies and hopefully the warfare state as well.

There is another reason this election is good for the liberty movement as well. A Romney Presidency would have led to all kinds of new regulations and government actions that the right would have completely capitulated to.  Just like how Bush passed massive new entitlements with little Republican opposition, Romney would have likely done the same thing. It can easily be imagined that Republican sweep would have been much worse than gridlock.

Currently, the political side of the liberty movement is largely in the Republican Party.  With the Republican Party out of power, it will allow the liberty minded republicans to gain influence.  It is obvious that the Republican Party needs to make some massive readjustments.  If they can not win against such an easily defeatable president, what will happen in the future?  Right now, it looks like the Republican Party might be destined to be unable to win national elections unless big changes are made.  Unlike the media pundits that who talk about the republicans need to soften their message, the true answer lies in the libertarian or liberty wing of the Republican Party.  It was only Ron Paul that motivated the youth in the Republican primaries.  The average age of Fox News viewers was 65 and the average age of rush Limbaugh listener is 67.  These demographics are not encouraging for the Republican Party.  They desperately need fresh blood and the Freedom agenda that was put forward by Ron Paul is the only path that could possibly offer them that.  The party is in a time of ideological and demographic crisis but this is also a time of opportunity for those who believe in liberty. Such a major loss should encourage many Republicans that are unsympathetic to liberty to do some soul searching about what went wrong for them in this last election.  Hopefully, many will be led to a better understanding the Constitution, what America truly stands for and the liberty movement in general.  Such a soul searching would have never happened under a Romney presidency.

The future has never been brighter for us.  Communism was permanently discredited when the soviet system collapsed.  The welfare/warfare state has been destined to collapse since the New Deal.  It may not be pretty but from a moral point of view it is necessary because it relies on force and violence to extract wealth from one group of people to be handed out to another. I look forward to the day when Americacan once again embrace its founding vision of liberty.  When that day comes nobody will remember who Mitt Romney was but Ron Paul on the other hand will look like one of the most prophetic men of the 20th century.

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