A Great evil happened on Jyckle Island

The worst disaster ever to befall America happened on Jyckle Island Georgia in 1910.  There the secret banking establishment planned what would be become the largest money cartel in the history of the world. Today, not only does this money cartel control United States but every other country’s currency in the world now is forced to use the dollar as it’s reserve currency.  This has been the greatest heist of wealth in human history and hardly anyone even notices it or even thinks twice about the money they use.    Imagine the mob forcing everyone in Chicago to use it’s own personal mob money that they could personally print of at will.  Expand this idea to the whole world and you now have a good idea of how the private for profit Federal Reserve works.  I assume that mob money would have famous mob bosses on it instead of presidents but to me that is not much of a difference.

I owe an eternal debt to the Mises Institute for waking me up.  They are continuing their crusade of education.

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