Bill O’Reilly is a Socialist

A long time ago I was thinking about watching the Bill O”Reilly show and pointing out all of the disinformation that he puts forth on a weekly basis. I tried this for a couple of days but it just became to depressing that this guy is actually taken seriously as a commentator from the right.  The show is a complete waste of time.  He rarely talks about real issues and it is mostly just “right wing” popular culture expressed as a news program.  He sends people to interviewHollywoodtypes and atheist rallies and has a whole discussion segment afterwards to talk about crazy and left wing they are.  Well Bill, surprise surprise, Hollywoodtypes, atheists, and all kinds of other left wingers have views that you and probably a lot of other people find pretty strange.  Big deal, what does this have to do with anything?  Well, the obvious answer it does not and constinatly pointing out the “crazies” does nothing to inform the public at all but merely distract them. 

When Papa Bear Bill actually talks about serious issues, he is about as socialist as they come.  It might be “right wing” socialism but is is socialism none the less.  Bill is all about “looking out for the folks”, basically code for George Bush style big government “compassionate conservatism”.  Not only is this tone statist and condescending to the millions of individualist Americans that just want to be left alone but it is also a way to get people to support massive warfare/welfare state, so long as it is not the Democrats running things.  When oil prices start creeping up, he blames everyone but the real culprit, the Federal Reserve.  He does not believe in free trade, eliminating government departments, reducing our global military footprint, or deregulation.  In fact, Mr. Bill calls for further regulation on a regular basis, especially in global trade, the oil market, andWall St.  He seems to blame “speculators” for every economic ill rather than the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve who’s regulatory and monetary policies have been completely disastrous.  I remember one interview with John Stossel, Bill did not even know who John Maynard Keynes was.  This is understandable for the average guy on the street but how can a man that claims to be a political commentator not know the most influential economist of the 20th century.  Everything that congress and the Federal Reserve have done in the last four years from stimulus and quantitative easing has been done because the ideas that Keynes has set forth. Bill O’reilly’s ignorance of almost every economic issue is hard beat but this does stop him from bloviating on every topic under the sun. 

Well, Tom Woods finally calls out Bill on his cluelessness on the Constitution.  Sorry Bill, the general welfare clause is not a blank check for the Federal Government to do whatever it wants.  This has been primarily the tool of the modern left but Bill either has no shame and is completely evil or is even dumber than I originally thought.!

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