Those Gosh Darn emails!

They just won’t go away.  If this does not make it obvious that the FBI covered up for her than nothing else will.   The secret agencies that are “supposed” to protect us consider themselves our rulers.   It is not foreign threats that they care about but carefully managing public opinion so that they will retain power.  There was a time in the United States when a national secret police force would have been unthinkable. For true American federalism to be restored the FBI and all the other secret agencies at the federal level need to be disbanded.


Why did people see three shooters at San Bernardino?

This is strange.  There also seem to be a number of videos of witnesses reporting similar events, that is that there were three white shooters.  I don’t really know what to make of this but I respect Gary North a whole bunch, and if he brings it up it is probably worth noting.  I don’t want to dig to far into the area of conspiracy but some of these shooting events do seem strange to me.

Gary North goes into greater detail here.

Men Thought To Be Impersonating Cops Robbing People, Turned Out To Just Be Cops Robbing People

I can’t believe it?!  Police behaving like criminals?  Police robbing people?  Unfortunately, this is all too common.  The good cop seems to be the rare breed these days.  If a police officer does try to intervene and do the right thing, they will often lose their job.


The full story below:


DETROIT (WJBK) – A Good Samaritan snapped photos of what appeared to be two men impersonating police officers involved in a pistol-whipping and robbery outside a Citgo gas station on Detroit’s east side on July 21.

Once Fox 2 aired those photos, an even more disturbing picture developed.

“Several unidentified police officers were working this particular robbery case, recognized one of the suspects in the photographs as being a member of the Detroit Police Department,” Chief James Craig said Monday.

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The Designer of The F-15 Explains Just How Stupid F-35 Is

The whole reason for the existence of the F-35 is to spend money.  The Pentagon and U.S. military spending enriches the military-industrial complex and creates “make work” jobs in congressional districts. The Pentagon is one of the worst perpetrators of waste because the neoconservative dominated Right loves the military and will never question anything it does and the Left never questions government waste in general.  Defense industry corporatists get richer, the public gets robbed, and U.S. is stuck with an inferior aircraft that would lose to a 1950s Mig in a dog fight.  Welcome to the modern national security state.






Who Controls the Media?

Massive Corporations control the media in the United Sates.  Modern news agencies are tools of disinformation, not information.  They are designed to shape public opinion to what the corporatist elite want it to be.  The last thing they want to do is rock the boat.  For them, the establishment must be protected at all costs.  This is why we see much periphery concern about issues with little importance but a critical issue of like the Federal Reserve goes unmentioned.   This is why politicians like Ron Paul get mocked and ignored from both MSNBC and Fox News.  Ron Paul’s criticism of the Federal Reserve and his questioning of the American Empire in whole cloth are simply too much for the corporatist elite.  These corrupt elite want to keep the conversation contained into categories that they want.  What should the Federal Reserve interest rate be?  Should our military invade this country or not?  These are questions that they want people to ask because the answer does not matter,  the satus quo will be maintained.    They don’t want people asking whether or not we should be auditing the Federal Reserve or whether we should have a foreign policy of non-intervention that our founding fathers recommended.  They certainly don’t want people to understand that militarism abroad is the quickest way to bring socialism home.  They don’t want people to have any clue that the Federal Reserve is a private bank that has caused every boom and bust in the 20th century and has stolen trillions from the American people through inflation whiling enriching a small group of bankers.  The media elite, the corporate elite, and the political elite are all part of one incestuous club. There only goal is to maintain power.  The idea of left versus right is an illusion.  The truth is that the real fight is liberty versus tyranny.

NPR statist foolishly tries to take on true liberal Glenn Greenwald

NPR reminds me broadcasting during the age of FDR.  I enjoy listening to it. It is like time traveling through history to the socialist era of New Deal. It is just dripping with statism but at least there are polite about it unlike conservative talk radio.   I enjoyed this exchange because it demonstrated how the media prostates itself before state power.  The NPR reporter reveres the claims made by federal authorities and feels special because she has been allowed to glance at such supposed evidence provided by authorities.  What a perfect tool for the powers at be!  Instead of journalists trying to uncover and expose government crimes, they instead suck up to these bureaucratic parasites to get crumbs of information that is likely disinformation anyway.


The left has a lot to learn from Glenn Greenwald.  If they were smart they would turn off MSNBC foverver and just watch Glenn Greenwald on Youtube.

What the Hell is going on with the Nevada Rancher standoff?

1.  Why the hell does the Federal Government own 80% of the land in Nevada and Utah?   This land should be given back to the respective states or auctioned off to the people to pay off the national debt.

2.  The federal department tasked with protecting endangered species only has a 1% success rate?  Unbelievable!  Actually, sadly,  it is sort of believable.  Only the government can get a away with such a pitiful  track record.

3.  The government actually euthanizes these endangered tortoises by the hundreds but won’t let cattle graze on the same thousands of acres of wide open land!?

4.   Not surprisingly at all, federal thugs attack one of the ranchers family members for filming the theft of his cattle on his iPad.

5.  The feds not surprisingly were fully militarized with assault weapons and snipers.  It would not surprise me if they had drones flying overhead.  Reportedly, there is video evidence of the snipers actually training there weapons upon the families.

Anyway, watch the great video below by Stefan Molyneux