Gary Taubes on why we get Fat

This last year I have paying much more attention to my health than ever before.  The biggest reason for this is because I have learned that the conventional views on health have turned out to be completely wrong.  Gary Taubes is the author of the book “Good calories, Bad Calories.”  It is an investigative work on nutritional science in the 20th century.  The video below is a brief summery of Gary Taubes overall work.  If you are a little overweight or have lack of energy, it would be a very good idea for you to read “Good Calories, Bad Calories.”  I believe it will be the most important book on nutrition in the 21st century.  It will mark the beginning of the tide being turned against the evil government food pyramid and the disastrous high carb, low fat diet.


Health is critical to liberty.  Taking meaningful real world action requires a physical body in optimal health. Anything less and you will not be performing at your best.  With mountains that the liberty movement has to climb, we can not afford anything less than our physical best.   I think this is already taking root with so many in the liberty movement changing to low carb diets like Judge Napalitano, Lew Rockwell, and Tom Woods.  Let keep this trend going.  Try a Primal diet, Paleo diet, Weston A. Price diet, or my favorite, a Ketogenic diet.  You will eat better than you have ever before and your body will transform into the physical specimen that nature intended.  It will change your life.


Purify your the air in your home

Dr. Mercola gives some great tips on how to purify the air in your home with house plants.  Inside the home is usually much more polluted than the air outside.  It is important that indoor air is kept healthy so that we can stay healthy.  Dr.  Mercola suggests the plants listed below as the most effective for cleaning household air.

  1. The Feston Rose plant
  2. Devil’s Ivy
  3. Phalaenopsis
  4. English Ivy
  5. Parlor Ivy
  6. African Violets
  7. Christmas Cactus
  8. Yellow Goddess
  9. Garlic Vine
  10. Peace Lily

Full article here.

Insulin makes you fat!

It is interesting how insulin can change our behavior and actually make us fat.  When we eat carbohydrates or sugar or bodies respond by producing insulin.  Insulin actually tells our body to store fat.  The body responds by either becoming hungry or tired and lethargic.  The idea of burning more calories than we take in is the common view on weight loss. Supposedly it is simple physics.  The problem is the cause.   People who are getting fat are taking in more calories than they are burning because there insulin levels are high.  There insulin levels are high because they are eating an excess of carbohydrates.  People who are fat not being lazy, the insulin response to the carbohydrates they eat makes them lazy.

From personal experience I was much more tired and lazy after I ate when I was eating the Standard American Diet.   My life since switching to a ketogenic diet has totally changed.  I have energy throughout the day and I rarely feel tired.  All this is because my insulin levels are lower because I don’t eat too many carbohydrates.  The human body really is an amazing thing once we start to figure it out.


What if we are wrong about diabetes?

Peter Attia apologizes for giving the exact wrong advice for most of his career.  Thank God that I gave up the conventional wisdom on health.  If you are concerned about your health try a low carb diet.  I started out with the Primal Diet but I now restrict my carbs to an even greater degree with what is called a Ketogenic Diet.    I also try to incorporate intermittent fasting to further lower my blood glucose and increase my ketone production even more.  My mind has never felt so sharp and my health has never been better.


Some Important Biohacks

Bio-hacks are ways to improve your body’s performance in an very efficient manner.

1.  Increase sun exposure!  Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients and is needed for thousands of chemical reactions.  If you can not get enough sun exposure make sure that you take a Vitamin D supplement.

2.  High intensity exercise.  Most people do not get enough exercise these days but those who do exercise exercise too often!  Doug McGuff is one of the leading champions of high intensity and low frequency exercise. In all actuality 15 minutes of high intensity exercise to complete muscle failure is as or more effective than training for an hour every other day!  This probably sounds like the complete opposite of truth to many people but this is now scientifically proven.  This makes sense if you think about this biologically. Our bodies only build as much muscle as neccessary.  Any exesice muslce that is not used costs enegry which was scarce during evolutionary era of our hunter gatherer ancestors. By training to complete muscle failure, your body literly thinks it is going to die.  The human body simply can not tell the difference between fighting a saber tooth tiger and doing push ups to complete muscle exhaustion. By working out to complete muscle exhaustion, you are literally programing your DNA.  Your DNA responds by creating larger muscle in case such a “life threatening event” happens again.  The life threatening event is simulated of course but your DNA does not know that. Use your DNA to your advantage and discover High Intensity Low Frequency Training.

3.  Eat a Paleo Diet!  Your body is not programed to eat grains.  They cause physical and mental damage.  Most people should increase their intake of healthy saturated fats as well.  A great resource that has helped changed my life in this regard is the website Mark’  Recently I have been doing a even more hardcore version than the Paleo Diet that has been around for over a hundred years called the Ketogenic Diet.  For people that have the commitment to really improve their health and shed extra body fat, I strongly recommend the Ketogenic Diet.

Watch the video below for some more tips.


Ketogenic Diet

I have recently being trying to shift my diet to a more Ketogenic type to diet.  It is kindof like a more strict version of the Paleo diet.  The difference is that the Ketogenic diet is about 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs.  The reason for the protein restriction is that after a certain amount of protein consumption your body starts turning much of the your protein consumption into carbohydrates.  Therefore the Ketogenic diet brings down blood sugar much more than what most people eat in a Primal or Paleo diet.  Contrary to popular opinion, sugar is what makes people fat, not dietary fat.  Sugar also leads to all kinds of other health problems like cancer, diabetes, depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and many more diseases.

The Ketogenic diet was first used to treat people with epilepsy.  It was discovered that a very high fat diet often reduced or totally eliminated seizures.  Researches today believe that a Ketogenic is highly beneficial for cogitative health and helps ward off all kinds of brain diseases and other mental problems like depression and ADHD  The newest line of research is how the Ketogenic diet prevents and in many cases cures cancer.  This is because cancer cells can only use glucose for energy.  When sugar is eliminated from the diet the liver must produce ketone bodies for energy but cancer cells cannot use ketone bodies for energy so they literally starve to death.  Since changes in diet cannot be patented by pharmaceutical companies, there will likely be no major push to make diet a part of cancer treatment, so don’t expect the doctor to tell your friends or loved ones that have cancer about the Ketogenic diet.


Primal Lifestyle Cures Woman’s Multiple Sclerosis

I believe that everyone who cares about their health should switch over to the primal diet, or primal lifestyle as many like to call it.  I have known about this diet for a couple of years and have been following it off and on but I have been very strict with it for the last two months.  After these last two months I don’t ever on plan on going back to eating grains again.

Actually, I started telling people at work about it and they have become interested with one person losing thirty five pounds in a month by just eliminating grains from his diet.    With other people actually listening to me I thought it was about time that I became strict on the diet for myself!  So far I have become much leaner and feel much healthier.  I no longer have days where I am tired after lunch like I used too.  I now know it was the carbs that made me crash.  I have more energy than ever before and this is what I believe is most important.  With more energy, I have more time and fuel to be the person that I want to be.  I also believe that the primal diet has increased my overall mood and happiness.  This makes since because fat and cholesterol are critical to brain function.   High carb low fat diets can often lead to depression because the brain is starved of nutrients and does not work optimally.    In the video below, Dr. Terry Wahls explains the benefit of the Primal diet.