Hannity on the NSA then and Now

You would think people like Hannity would be embarrassed espousing such contradicting views.  You would think that conservatives would be embarrassed to listen to such people.  When Hannity’s guys in power, the surveillance state is great.  When there is a Democrat in office Hannity suddenly develops a conscience.  Not that big of a surprise I guess.


The Left loves the NSA

The Left loves the NSA.  The Left loves the destruction of civil liberties.  The Left loves the police state.

O excuse me dear reader, you thought that the left was stood for ideals and truth?  You thought it was the Right that believed in violating the fourth amendment and imprisoning people indefinitely?  You thought it was the right that enjoyed taping your phones and checking your e-mails?  You that with a liberal in office the Patriot Act would be rescinded and our civil liberties would be restored and peaceful responsible government would be return?

I was naïve too once. I thought that president’s Obama’s anti-war base would cause such an uproar in his time in office that there would be no political possibility in hell that Obama could prosecute the previous administration’s wars.  Not only has Mr. Obama been able to expand the wars that we have already been fighting but he started new conflicts in Syria and Libya.  The left has completely and totally prostrated themselves before the Obama administration.  The Democrats reauthorize the Patriot Act year after year and there is not a peep from left.  I remember the days when this was considered the most dreaded piece of legislation ever passed through the halls of Congress in the history of America in the eyes of the left but they say nothing now.  The use of drones to kill Americans overseas would have caused riots if Bush would have done it but the Left says nothing when a Democrat president does it. It is obvious that modern liberalism stands for nothing.  It certainly does not stand for human dignity.  Well, actually, maybe it does stand for something, it stands for “total state”.  Bennito Mussolini could have written the modern democrat slogan, “Everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing above the state.”  The state is their religion and the warfare state turns out to be so fun to watch when a Democrat is at the helm!  And why not?  It only makes sense because any political party that loves state power eventually wants to see it wielded.  What is a more true demonstration of the total state than war?  What is a more true display of state power than the total surveillance state?   We are closer today to George Orwell’s 1984 because both parties both love state power and refuse to hold their politicians accountable in the slightest.