What the Hell is going on with the Nevada Rancher standoff?

1.  Why the hell does the Federal Government own 80% of the land in Nevada and Utah?   This land should be given back to the respective states or auctioned off to the people to pay off the national debt.

2.  The federal department tasked with protecting endangered species only has a 1% success rate?  Unbelievable!  Actually, sadly,  it is sort of believable.  Only the government can get a away with such a pitiful  track record.

3.  The government actually euthanizes these endangered tortoises by the hundreds but won’t let cattle graze on the same thousands of acres of wide open land!?

4.   Not surprisingly at all, federal thugs attack one of the ranchers family members for filming the theft of his cattle on his iPad.

5.  The feds not surprisingly were fully militarized with assault weapons and snipers.  It would not surprise me if they had drones flying overhead.  Reportedly, there is video evidence of the snipers actually training there weapons upon the families.

Anyway, watch the great video below by Stefan Molyneux





YouTube ‘Radicalizers’ Targeted By NSA

Not surprisingly NSA is targeting individuals that are using YouTube.  Surely they must be terrorists you say!  Trust our wise overlords you say!  I have nothing to hide you say!  Well, unfortunately my dear naive reader, governments, yes even our government, have always targeted dissenters.  Today is no different and unfortunately the  government of the “Land of the Free” is no different either.