Conspiricy of Silience

This is a documentary that was produced but un-aired on the Discovery channel.  This documentary goes into corruption that spread from Omaha to the highest levels of government. In addition, it is worth watching because it is all centered around Omaha Nebraska.  One of the key perspectives in this documentary is that of former Senator John DeCamp who was a Republican Senator in the Nebraska State Legislature from 1971-1987.  In addition, he served as aid to CIA director William Colby and also served as a Captain in Vietnam.  He is also fluent in six anguages and still practices law in Lincoln Nebraska.  He was recently in the news because information in his book written in the 90’s had apparently linked the Penn State scandle to the “Franklin Cover-up“.

In addition there has been a new book published on this topic called the “Franklin Scandal“.  Both books go deep into ritual satanic abuse that is not mentioned in the documentary.  Both books have an extensive amount of supporting documents that back up the extraordinary claims made.   Both are interesting and very disturbing reads.  I advise that people should mentally/spiritually prepare themselves before reading either of these books.

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