Cop Assualts Air Force Captain for not Knowing Neighbor

The Air Force Captain dares to ask if he is being detained.  Police do not like this.  They do not like being questioned.  They expect the public to capitulate to their demands.  They expect people to cower before their authority.  This Air Force Captain expected that the officer would behave within his bounds of authority and act professionally.  That is how the military works.  This is not how the police work. The police view every citizen as potential threat.  They do not view themselves as operating “in the law” or “serving the law”.  They believe that it is the police and legal system versus everyone else, as classic “us versus them mentality.”  For the police, the law is something that restricts them, not something that they supposed to serve.  I doubt that few police actually have ever even thought of what law really means in a philosophical sense.  Law has traditional meant the natural order of the universe. Human beings are supposed to act in accordance with it.  Our legal system is supposed to be an expression of it. Today, law is perverted and made to be the law of man and today’s corrupt police forces are the result.

Good job for this captain.  He did the right thing.  He did not let this police officer run roughshod over his individual rights and he also did his duty by bringing public attention to the issue.  Hopefully, one day, all police will be required to wear lapel cameras so that they will be accountable to the public.


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