Corbett’s New Documentary on the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is root of all that is evil in American Government Industrial Complex.  It is outright fraud that exists in the open every signal day.  The Federal Reserve has destroyed trillions in wealth through the booms and busts it has created.  It has constantly eroded the standard of living of the poor and the middle class while further enriching the super rich bankers and government connected.  Every dollar the private Federal Reserve loans out to the Federal Government is created out of thin air and must be paid back at interest from the tax payers.  The Federal Reserve is the biggest fraud in the history of the world.  We are all debt slaves to these bankers, chattel for the global banking cartel.  We work harder everyday to make ends meat while they print money and loan it out at interest. It is time that people learn about the system that is enslaving them.  Thank you Corbett for producing another documentary on the topic.


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