Finally an article about how libertarians think!

 Here are some of the highlights that I found interesting.

Libertarians have the “most masculine style brains.”  They are more cerebral than both liberals and conservatives with liberals being the most feminine.  “We used Simon Baron-Cohen’s measures of “empathizing” (on which women tend to score higher) and “systemizing”, which refers to “the drive to analyze the variables in a system, and to derive the underlying rules that govern the behavior of the system.” Men tend to score higher on this variable.”


Libertarians also scored the highest on a crude IQ test.  Libertarians are also “more than liberals or conservatives, have the capacity to reason their way to their ideology.”  This makes total sense to me, both liberals and conservatives have so many contradictions in their own respective ideologies that they appear to me to be pure pragmatists with no underlying belief system that I can tell. Libertarian’s arguments from both the utilitarian side and the natural rights moral approach are completely superior to anything liberals and conservatives can offer.  This is why liberals and conservatives can’t reason through their own ideology because to do so would mean that they would have to confront the contradictions that they espouse.  The current political scene and media make this situation much worse and make conservative and liberal ideology almost meaningless.  Conservatives supposedly love the American Constitution but also wholeheartedly embrace the patriot act, undeclared wars, and a king like executive.  Liberals supposedly care about the weak and the poor but have no clue or don’t care how government welfare has been completely destructive to those groups. 


Libertarians when “asked directly, using a series of standard psychological measures available at, they reported being less neurotic, less disgusted, and less empathic, compared to liberals and conservatives, while also reporting a greater need for cognition and systematic understanding of the world.”  Libertarians also responded with more “rational/utilitarian style.” “Libertarians tended to do better on logic problems that included answers designed to fool more intuitive thinkers.”  This makes sense to me.  To be a libertarian at all means that you have to seek at knowledge and consciously assimilate ideas that you never hear from the main stream.  This would imply that they, by seeking out and discovering libertarianism in the first place are trying to understand reality in a logical way.

Here is the reason page where I found out about the article.  It is definitely worth the read. It is also a useful reference to understanding the differences between, liberals, conservatives, and libertarians.


Lastly, from a personal observation, libertarians have by far the best sense of humor.  Liberals and conservatives take themselves way to seriously.  This is obvious in political discussion with both groups but they do the same thing in life as well from my observations.  For example, conservatives are really defensive about their American greatness ideology.  The same is true with liberals and the welfare state.  Try to question either of these, like saying maybe not every war we have been in has been a good idea or that maybe the welfare state does not work, and you are met with a emotionally charged response more often than not. Libertarians on the other hand are very comfortable in their ideology.  They do not hold irrational ideas about government sacred and usually have a firm logical understanding of the world that can be explained very effectively.  People that are comfortable with themselves are usually more laid back than those who are not.  For proof of what a great sense of humor libertarians have, just read the comments bellow the reason article I linked to.  I don’t think you find such good fun comments under a article by slate or the national review.

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