Gold will be $50,000 an ounce?

I found this interview to be fascinating.  I have heard the name Jim Sinlcair but I do not think that I have actually seen an interview with him.

According to Jim Sinclair

-2014 through 2016 will be “The Great Leveling”, the middle class in America will be wiped out

-2016 the first attempt at a new world currency, the United States will reject it.

–  U.S. government will revalue mortgagees in a new currency, banks will get their money, and the best hope for the average Joe in hyperinflation, a paid off house, will not happen

– formation of new gold exchanges outside the U.S. will only deal with physical gold, not paper gold like in the U.S.  This will put more pressure on the gold manipulators.

-2020 physical gold will be completely emancipated from paper gold and reach $50,000 an ounce

– 2020 the “Great Reset” will be complete


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