Herman Cain. Who is he?

So far I have tried to stay away from political issues but, Herman Cain is a good example of the total confusion that the modern right has on political philosophy.  Herman Cain is considered the darling of the Tea Party.  Talk radio also loves Herman Cain with a number of talk radio hosts actually saying the word “love” when referring to Cain.   Someone even told me this weekend after dinner that they “love” the 999 plan.  I have even read an article in the “intellectual” conservative publication the “American Thinker” that compares Herman Cain’s presence to some kind of religious miracle divinely inspired by God himself.  The fact that so many people are willing to use the word “love” for a politician should be disturbing but, I don’t think that I have any other choice but to accept that a wide swath of the modern conservative movement has some kind of love affair with Herman Cain.  I will attempt to demonstrate in this article that Herman Cain has some very disturbing positions for any lover of liberty.  I will also attempt to demonstrate that the talk radio’s and tea party’s support of Herman Cain is more revealing of the total lack of principles or intellectual honesty of the modern conservative movement.

1.  Herman Cain is a political insider.  He has had long ties with the Koch brothers as seen here, here, here, and here.  The Koch brothers are oil rich billionaires who are part of the Republican establishment, who have used their money to buy influence and enact legislation to benefit them.  Most importantly they support the privately owned Federal Reserve and use their massive amount of political connections to smash any person, think tank, organization, or politician who opposes it.

2.  Herman Cain is a Federal Reserve insider and is a staunch supporter of the central bank.  Though Cain has called for an audit of the central bank in the last six months, early on he has laughed at and chided those who were for auditing the central bank as recently as December 2010.  He has recently said he was  misinterpreted but, the video below should make it obvious that he thought people who wanted to audit the central bank were ignorant and clueless.

3.  Herman Cain is intellectually and morally dishonest.  If Herman Cain said that he was mistaken about auditing the Federal Reserve, he should have said so but, instead he said that he has always been for a Federal Reserve audit and that people need to “just give them a call.”  This not only demonstrates how dishonest Cain is but also demonstrates his lack of understanding of the purpose of a Federal Reserve audit.  The case for auditing the Federal Reserve is obvious, especially considering over 5 trillion dollars went to foreign central banks, but apparently Cain lives in some kind of la-la land where any citizen can just give “them a call” and the secrets to the temple will be revealed.

4.  Herman Cain also has little to no economic understanding.  When asked what Federal Reserve Chairman he thought was most effective in the last thirty years, he said Alan Greenspan.  This is probably one of the most dangerous and economically illiterate statements of all GOP presidential contenders.  Alan Greenspan is the worst Federal Reserve chairman in history.  He is directly responsible for the dot com boom and the housing boom.  It is generally accepted by almost all economists from all different economic perspectives that the housing bubble was Greenspan’s fault. An election of Herman Cain would almost certainly guarantee a currency crisis if he appointed someone like Alan Greenspan.   Cain has further demonstrated his complete lack of economic understanding when he said that the economy was great a week before the collapse of 2008, as seen here.

5.  Herman Cain supported TARP.  In case people forget, this is the biggest reason that compelled the Tea Party to come into being in the first place!  Cain not only supported TARP but chastised “free market purists”  for being against it.  Here is his article in his own words.  This article is not some glummy thesis on how he “might not like TARP but we have no choice” as many economists said but, it is instead almost a celebration of TARP and how much money the American people will make.  I am not sure if he is completely naive or just a Federal Reserve cheerleader.  Once again, he has said that he has been misrepresented, I guess he figured people would not actually go back and read what he said.

6.  Herman Cain does not have a basic understanding of political history.  When asked about the Neoconservative movement he said he was “not familiar with it “as seen at about the 2.40 mark in this clip.

7.  In the same clip at the 2:20 mark, Herman Cain says he looks up to people like Henry Kissinger and KT McFarland for foreign policy ideas.  Henry Kissinger has the blood of thousands of Americans on his hands for his heavy involvement in prolonging and extending the Vietnam War, all the while, admitting privately it was lost.  He has also famously called military men “dumb stupid animals”, basically pawns for his globalist schemes.  For more on Kissinger’s war crimes, here is a video based on Christopher Hitchen’s book.  McFarland is a little more of an amusing choice considering that McFarland believed that Hillary Clinton was sending helicopters to spy on her when she was running against Hillary in 2006. These are the people that Cain looks up to? This would be funny if it was not so scary. For an idea of what conservative foreign policy used to look like here is Tom Woods.

8.  Lastly Cain says all kinds of crazy stuff, I mean crazy stuff all the time!  He says Muslims will “never” be allowed in his cabinet. He also wants to electrify the border fence, saying this “will kill you” to incoming illegal immigrants.  Later he said he was joking but, then said he was serious afterwards saying that he is “not walking away from that, I just don’t want to offend anybody” as seen here.  Cain will make more gaffes like this.  People like this always do.  Just look at Joe Biden.

Herman Cain is loved by the Tea Party and Talk Radio.  Herman Cain has supported food stamps, given money to democrats, and supported Mitt Romney in 2008.  Herman Cain is the “most conservative” candidate out there, or so say the pundits.  I think they are right, Cain is a good example of modern conservatism.  He has no philosophical principles, no moral compunction to tell the truth, no understanding of economics, no understanding of history, and he supports soviet style central planning in the form of the Federal Reserve. Is it any wonder why modern conservationism is a dying ideology?  Talk show hosts gush over his 999 plan, overlooking its obvious flaw that taxes never stay low forever.  Every single tax that was supposed to be temporary or low in American history has become permanent and high.  Every. Single. Time.  Modern conservatives are statists that are more obsessed with personality than substance, how else can you explain their blind devotion to Herman Cain?

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