How to sell Liberty

It is political season and it seems that people like to talk about politics. For liberty minded people, this may be a good opportunity to educate people when the conversation turns into politics.  From my experience, you will have trouble changing their minds from a brief conversation but you will at least have the time to expose people to new ideas.  Hopefully this will encourage people in the future to research these ideas and maybe open their minds.  They might not change their minds by next election cycle but this is a long term intellectual battle, just getting these ideas out there is a positive thing, especially considering most people have probably not heard of any of them.  I think this guy does a pretty good job at presenting his case in what seems like a normal guy on the street type conversation.


 Here is Ron Paul talking to people in the Libertarian Party. 


 Though, I don’t think the libertarian party is the answer to our problems, he makes some interesting points and I often use strategies that Ron Paul talks about in conversation.  Most importantly in my opinion is that libertarians have common ground with both the left and the right on a lot of issues.  I think if we start with this common ground and then point out the logical inconsistencies in their own ideology and whatever political leaders they support.  This is pretty easy.  If the person is a liberal, they should support things like civil liberties and reducing the warfare state.  I then point out that the Democrats have vastly increased the surveillance state and the warfare state.  If the person is a conservative, I point that every time Republicans have been elected to office, they have vastly increased the size of government.  I also point out that the current Republican presidential candidate has supported bail outs, universal health care, and stricter gun control laws.  Even the supposed conservative Paul Ryan has supported TARP, the auto company bail outs, no child left behind, the vast expansion of medicare under Bush.

Here is Edward Griffon talking about how to need to get our people in power.  I agree.

I think long term the future is bright.  The people in the liberty movement are by far the most dedicated and knowledgeable group of people I have ever met.  Let us keep finding other member of the remenant and continue the intellectual battle for liberty in our time.



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