Neo-Cons want a third party? Give me a break!

(I don’t why anyone takes a Fed Bank President like Herman Cain seriously or that his views are those of a political outsider but here we go.)

Herman Cain wants a third party. But not a Ron Paul third party of course!  HAHA really Herman?  Who exactly is going to start this third party?  The only motivated grass roots people are those in the liberty movement and aparently you have already written off Ron Paul so who exactly is going to the extensive amount of foot work to get this thing going?  Third parties are hard to get off ground and the Republican Party’s demographics, except for the Ron Paul people of course, is getting older and older (old like the average Rush Limbaugh listener is 67). Besides, they all sit at home and watch Fox News. By and large they do not actually get up and get involved in the political system. Third parties take work, more than passive attention to TV and complaining to your wife how the president is “ruining America”.

 Herman simply does not get it.  He lives in a fantasy world where he can simply invoke the name of Reagan over and over again in the vain hope that people will come around to his brand of conservatism.  When they don’t he blames the media and media bias.  Well, the media does not have the choke hold that it used too.  The Internet and alternative media are informing a much greater amount of people.  I would even say that it is arguable that Mitt Romney lost because people are more informed.  I personally don’t mind that Obama won, after all, if I am going to drink collectivist poison, I at least want it be labeled correctly. Many voters might have felt the same way, or at least felt that their was no major difference between the two candidates.  The turnout was historically low this election, maybe it was precisely because they were educated and knew there was not a bit of difference between the candidates.

Anyway, I would really hope that Herman Cain does jump ship and start a third party.  If the warfare state wing and culture war wing of the Republican Party went with him all the better. Then maybe the Republican party really could “re-brand” itself without the neocon baggage.  At least the establishment Republicans are the kind of political stooges that can be pushed over by strong political pressure.  Without the Neoconservatives, that political pressure would come purely from the liberty movement.  This would obviously mean much more influence by us.   So good luck Herman, I hope it works out.

On a side not, unlike mainstream republicanism, those of the Liberty Movement did very well this election cycle.  So hold out hope ye lovers of Freedom

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