NPR statist foolishly tries to take on true liberal Glenn Greenwald

NPR reminds me broadcasting during the age of FDR.  I enjoy listening to it. It is like time traveling through history to the socialist era of New Deal. It is just dripping with statism but at least there are polite about it unlike conservative talk radio.   I enjoyed this exchange because it demonstrated how the media prostates itself before state power.  The NPR reporter reveres the claims made by federal authorities and feels special because she has been allowed to glance at such supposed evidence provided by authorities.  What a perfect tool for the powers at be!  Instead of journalists trying to uncover and expose government crimes, they instead suck up to these bureaucratic parasites to get crumbs of information that is likely disinformation anyway.


The left has a lot to learn from Glenn Greenwald.  If they were smart they would turn off MSNBC foverver and just watch Glenn Greenwald on Youtube.

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