Peter Schiff Responds to the Daily Show

I was always kind of liked the Daily Show.  I thought they were misguided left-wingers but sincere people unlike those hacks at MSNBC who simply back whatever the Democrats do.  They seemed to be one of the only places to give Ron Paul a decent shack unlike the mainstream networks.  Now it seems that they are destroying their previously decent track record with their interview with Peter Schiff.  I personally like Peter Schiff.  He was the person that made me aware of Austrian Economics. His views are almost identical to that of Ron Paul.  Ron Paul would have the same objections to the minimum wage.  So why attack Peter Schiff but leave Ron Paul alone?  Probably because the Daily Show knows that attacking Ron Paul would alienate a huge number of their viewers while Schiff is not as well known to the public or their audience.

I am in great debt to Peter Schiff for introducing me to the Austrian School of Economics.  I hope the people at the Daily Show will read some Austrian Economics and maybe change their false belief that raising the minimum wage helps the poor. Schiff’s response is in the video below.



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