Political Correctness and Trump

We living in interesting times, a total outsider has become president of the United States.  The great historian Gary North (not a Trump supporter) claims that this has only happened twice in Western history.  Lenin and Hitler, Gary North is not comparing Trump’s policies or personality to them but just that they were legit outsiders.  Though Trump has even done what those two could not, they both had political parties behind them.  Trump did not, he only had a message, that he was not a politician and that he was going to “Make America Great Again.”  His own party’s establishment hated and despised him.   This made for great entertainment during the primaries and is still entertaining today.  Though Trump is no Ron Paul he seems to have enraged all the globalists and power elite in a way that I would have thought impossible a few years ago. Though Trump is not liberty minded, I still think that the complete defeat of the enemies of freedom is healthy for liberty. Sometimes it is also enjoyable to watch the bad guys suffer even though Trump is still a great unknown. The Bush dynasty, the Clinton dynasty, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, and all the rich bankers and Wall St oligarchs have all thrown everything they had at Trump to no avail.  Trump won and the globalists lost.


Even if Trump does not get anything done it is wonderful to see that “political correctness” has had a major defeat.  Political correctness has always been a control mechanism for the global elite to control the thoughts and opinions of the masses.  Anything slightly outside the very narrow establishment orthodoxy is considered hateful or at least not respectable.   No counter arguments have to be given, it is just taken for granted that certain opinions are wrong and should be ignored or ridiculed. Now people feel much more free (though far from completely free)  to express there own thoughts.  Obviously some thoughts other people might find unsavory but the freedom to expression them is so much more important than trying to constantly attempting to avoid offense.  Back in the 1960’s it was not uncommon for universities to have Nazi’s give speeches on campus, not because people agreed with them obviously but because freedom of speech was so highly valued.  Not today, speech is more controlled than ever before, anyone who tries to go onto a university campus and express any opinion outside the mainstream will get shouted down.  Trump might be the beginning of a change.  Is Trump just a brief flash in the pan or is there a massive rebellion among the public going on?  Interesting times, maybe even dangerous times.  Hopefully people will look towards liberty rather than a political savior.


Below is a interesting Podcast with Lew Rockwell and Angelo Cordevilla disusing political correctness and the rise of Trump.



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