Primal Lifestyle Cures Woman’s Multiple Sclerosis

I believe that everyone who cares about their health should switch over to the primal diet, or primal lifestyle as many like to call it.  I have known about this diet for a couple of years and have been following it off and on but I have been very strict with it for the last two months.  After these last two months I don’t ever on plan on going back to eating grains again.

Actually, I started telling people at work about it and they have become interested with one person losing thirty five pounds in a month by just eliminating grains from his diet.    With other people actually listening to me I thought it was about time that I became strict on the diet for myself!  So far I have become much leaner and feel much healthier.  I no longer have days where I am tired after lunch like I used too.  I now know it was the carbs that made me crash.  I have more energy than ever before and this is what I believe is most important.  With more energy, I have more time and fuel to be the person that I want to be.  I also believe that the primal diet has increased my overall mood and happiness.  This makes since because fat and cholesterol are critical to brain function.   High carb low fat diets can often lead to depression because the brain is starved of nutrients and does not work optimally.    In the video below, Dr. Terry Wahls explains the benefit of the Primal diet.

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