“Still Mine”, a movie about property rights

Liberty is not lost overnight.  It is lost in degrees. It fades slowly until one day people wake up realize that the land they own, the fruits of their labor, and the integrity of their person is not truly theirs.  Liberty is also lost in the name of safety and other noble ideas.  In the previews, “Still Mine” shows the determined effort of bureaucrats to stop a man from building on his own land.  This is the only thing that bureaucrats can do, stop action by free acting individuals through threat of force. That is their job, that is all regulation agencies do.  They reduce freedom.  They subjected the naturally free individual to the faceless, soulless bureaucracy.

I, for one, believe in the sacredness of property rights.  Actually, I know that these rights exist.  They are inherent in nature.   No man or government has the right to use force against any individual because they disagree with what that individual is doing with his property.

Below is a short film along the same lines.



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