The Bilderberg Group, Rand Paul, and Jack Hunter

I guess the liberty movement is continuing to split over Rand Paul’s recent behavior.  He recently refused to comment on the Bilderberg group.  In addition, Jack Hunter went out of his way to explain that such discussion should be off limits because it hurts the movement.  While not the top of my list of concerns (the Federal Reserve System is more than enough), it should not be outside the realm of polite discussion. I know politicians might especially be afraid to breach such topics but the Bilderberg Group does exist, it does meet in secret, and is composed of most of the most influential members of government, finance, and industry from around the world. What it does behind closed doors is mostly left up to speculation but this should at least be on the level of “kind of strange” or “weird”, especially considering the long history of distrust Americans have had of secret organizations. 

LRC has a resource page on the topic of elites and their influence on society. If readers wish to look into this topic more, click here.


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