The DUI racket

I recently listened to a great podcast about the DUI racket by Tom Woods.  Sometimes it is really amazing how corrupt our judicial system is:


1. For starters I did not realize how poorly breathalyzers work.  These things often give false positives and have very questionable reliability.    Things like mouth alcohol content and the differences in individual digestion can in fact give false positives.  Additionally,  the amount of alcohol on the breath has often very little to do with what is in blood.

2.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a militant interest group that depends on people driving drunk to bring in revenue.  They often have very little interest in how their policies actually affect people.  Some chapters are today trying to bring down the legal driving blood alcohol content to a laughable 0.05!

3.  Judges do not care in the slightest about fair and impartial justice.  I knew that all prosecutors cared about were convictions but judges are just as bad.  Judges want to be perceived to be tough on crime and are willing to convict innocent people to make sure they have a high conviction rate.  Police and prosecutors have no problem lying to Judges and Judges have no problem accepting the most far fetched claims and charges by police.

4.  If an innocent person is charged with a DUI it is easy for them to pay well over $15,000 for a jury trial.  This means that lower and middle income people often will plea to a lesser charge because of the cost to prove their innocence.  The prosecutor wins because he gets his conviction but the innocent person always loses by either pleading guilty to a lesser charge or forking over thousands of dollars to defend his innocence.

5.  Reckless driving laws the existed before DUIs were impediment were more than adequate.  If a person is swerving, a police officer may pull them over.  If a person is charged with driving reckless, drunkenness can increase the penalty.   DUIs are a racket for our politicians to gain votes and for our justice system to shake to the American people.


DUI laws need to be abolished along with a multitude of other laws.  The American legal system is a much larger threat to the American way of life today than any sort of criminal element that currently exists.  The American legal system has become a mockery of justice. A free society by definition can not exist under such a system.

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