What Happend to the Left?

The left used to be against unconstitutional war.  The left used to defend civil liberties against an out of control executive branch.  What happened?  Polls now show that self identified “liberals” approve of drone strikes by 55%!?  This seems crazy, I always thought the left to be more sincere in their convictions than conservatives who blindly follow “small government” rhetoric even though none of their leaders have ever reduced the size of government in a hundred years.  Sincere leftist Cenk Uygur explains how the left is caught up in the same personality cult that conservatives were caught up in under Bush.


This is why I like Cenk Uygur so much, he never strays from ideological purity to kowtow to his own “liberal” establishment.  I might disagree with him on many things but I certainly enjoy watching him.  Cenk Uygur gives me hope that the sincere left (that includes others like Denis Kusinich and Glenn Greenwald) will hold their own leaders accountable.

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