Where is all the gold!

Germany wants its gold back.  They are not getting it.  When the Germans asked to see there gold the Federal Reserve said no.  Why would the Federal Reserve not let Germany see its gold?  For myself and others the answer is obvious, the gold is not there.  It has been sold.  Most likely to manipulate the market and keep the price down. GATA has been saying this for years. Not only has Federal Reserve sold our own gold but it has sold foreign gold that has been held in trust. Fort Knox is empty.  If this is not enough evidence that the Federal Reserve does not have much gold their behavior becomes even more strange.  When the Germans finally ask for their gold back the Federal Reserve agrees to give it back to them over a period of seven years.  Why seven years?  Well, if there is no gold or if the Federal Reserve has sold the German Gold, then the Federal Reserve has no choice but to go onto the global market and reacquire the gold to sell to the Germans.  The event that made it even more obvious that the Federal Reserve does not have the original German gold was when the Germans received there first gold installment this year.  Not only did the Federal Reserve short the Germans on the original amount that they were supposed to receive but they also gave them gold that was melted down.  The world’s banks are going to start to asking some pretty serious questions.  Most likely people like George Soros and Warren Buffet are starting to take there gold out of the bullion banks.  It is obvious that far more claims exist than are being stored.  When this thing goes down it is going to be chaos.  If you have invested in paper gold it probably a good idea do invest in physical.  If you have neither gold nor silver it might be a good time to start investing in both.

I don’t like Glenn Beck much but he does a good job at explaining what is going on here.



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