Who Controls the Media?

Massive Corporations control the media in the United Sates.  Modern news agencies are tools of disinformation, not information.  They are designed to shape public opinion to what the corporatist elite want it to be.  The last thing they want to do is rock the boat.  For them, the establishment must be protected at all costs.  This is why we see much periphery concern about issues with little importance but a critical issue of like the Federal Reserve goes unmentioned.   This is why politicians like Ron Paul get mocked and ignored from both MSNBC and Fox News.  Ron Paul’s criticism of the Federal Reserve and his questioning of the American Empire in whole cloth are simply too much for the corporatist elite.  These corrupt elite want to keep the conversation contained into categories that they want.  What should the Federal Reserve interest rate be?  Should our military invade this country or not?  These are questions that they want people to ask because the answer does not matter,  the satus quo will be maintained.    They don’t want people asking whether or not we should be auditing the Federal Reserve or whether we should have a foreign policy of non-intervention that our founding fathers recommended.  They certainly don’t want people to understand that militarism abroad is the quickest way to bring socialism home.  They don’t want people to have any clue that the Federal Reserve is a private bank that has caused every boom and bust in the 20th century and has stolen trillions from the American people through inflation whiling enriching a small group of bankers.  The media elite, the corporate elite, and the political elite are all part of one incestuous club. There only goal is to maintain power.  The idea of left versus right is an illusion.  The truth is that the real fight is liberty versus tyranny.

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