A nice video of your friendly neighborhood police officer

Thanks to the LRC blog for posting this video.  I think the violence in this video speaks for itself.  What I find interesting is how nonchalantly this police officer commits such abuse.  He seems to be totally unprovoked.  He does this because he can, simple as that.  Thank God there was a video, if there was not this woman would have likely been charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.  That unfortunately standard operating procedure for most police.  Physically abuse a citizen and then charge them with a crime.



If you don’t think this action is common among police officers ask some of them yourselves.  They will at least admit that other officers do this kind of stuff if they have any honesty.  I have met many who have bragged about how they abuse the law.  One was a Sgt First Class in the National Guard.  He bragged about he beat up a black kid because the kid made a smart ass comment about a fellow officer in the hospital.  Another was a Corporal in the Marine Corps Reserves who was a full time state trooper.  He said that whenever he pulled someone over, his dash camera would accidentally get “bumped” so their would be no video of him interacting with the citizen.  I told him he was a piece of sh*t.  He shrugged his shoulders.






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