Do we live in a Police State?

The answer is yes, but Ron Paul has some good news.  Things are changing.  People are turning against the police state.  Whenever I feel down about how things are going I need to remind myself to listen Ron Paul.  If he can be so upbeat about the prospects of liberty, so can I.  I will try to follow Ron Paul’s example in the future and be more positive in the face corruption and tyranny.  We really do have a bright future ahead of us.  Life might be rough during the readjustment but things will be so much better afterwards we will like at these days as the Dark Ages.  Never before in history has the tradition of liberty had such deep intellectual foundation rooted in institutions like the Mises Institute.  Never before has a revolution had deeply good and honest men like Ron Paul leading the movement. Never before has any intellectual movement had the internet to spread the word. Neo-conservatism, political liberalism, communism, and socialism have all failed.  The only ideology left is radical individual liberty.  It is the only ethical system that allows human beings to reach their highest potential. Thanks to Ron Paul for moving us closer to that new age of liberty.



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