Doug Casey

If you are not aware of Doug Casey he has an interesting perspective on libertarianism and investing. I have been reading and listening to him again recently and I thought it would be a good idea to post some of his stuff for anyone who has not heard of him.

Doug Casey believes that people, especially those interested in liberty, should not only diversify their assets into different economic sectors but also different political sectors as well.  For example, a person with property in one country, a business in an other country, and a bank account in a different country will not be exposed to just one political risk. As the economic situation in the West continues to get worse, governments will look for new ways to expropriate wealth from their citizenry.  American citizenship, which has been greatly valued for the last hundred years or more, might become a liability.  Doug Casey says that we are in the eye of the economic storm that hit in 2008.  When we reach the other side, the greatest economic crisis in modern history will begin. The videos below are a good introduction to Doug Casey’s views.


Meltdown America Documentary Preview

Full movie here



Decline of Empire Parallels Between the US and Rome


Doug Casey (Casey Research) speaks at the Lion Rock Institute, Hong Kong – March 24, 2015









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