Is the Mises Institutue following

Don’t get me wrong, this website is already one of the best in the world but even I did not think that people would realize it this quickly. is the most read economic website in the world and already they seem to be publishing articles on the same topics that I have been posting days before.  Does this mean that the economists at Mises have been stopping by and reading material? It is quite possible.  Does this imply FreedomOmaha is on the cutting edge?  Most definitely.

I posted an article on Rome and inflation, and what does publish days later?  Why an article on Rome and inflation of course.  I posted an article on how the Chicago school is hopelessly Keynesian and what does the Mises institute publish?  Well, lets see, an article on how modern Chicago school economists love the printing press!  Now this might be a coincidence but, one thing is for sure, this website is on the same wavelength as a website run by some of the best economists in the world.  Isn’t life Grand!

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