Trump and Vaccines

It was announced a couple months ago and I have not heard much follow up but the news reported that Trump was going to appoint vaccine skeptic Robert Kennedy to head up a vaccine review board.  Though the mainstream media claims that there is no problem with vaccines and the majority of the public accepts this, the truth is that the science of vaccines is far from settled.  A weekend of research would lead most people to doubt the official line that vaccines are harmless.  Any vaccine insert explains all the potential health problems with vaccines, additionally the Freedom of Information act has exposed massive collusion with the CDC and vaccine manufacturers.  Moreover, Freedom of Information Act requests have exposed “secret” meetings in which the CDC immunologists admit that there is risk and they don’t really know what do about it. Today, there have also been whistle blowers that have exposed CDC coverup of MMR and autism link.  Science is not black and white.  There is never such a thing as a consensus.  There is always a majority and minority opinion.  Anytime people claim that the “science is settled” it much more indicative of special interests pushing an agenda rather than embracing true scientific discovery which traditionally has been a great hallmark of civilization.

There is an Autism crisis in this country, whether vaccine related or not, this should be a much larger concern than whatever political distraction is happening during any given news cycle. Vaccines have neurotoxins, whether they are in a high enough amount to cause damage is debatable but there presence in indisputable.

Mercola recently wrote an article on Trump’s appointment.



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