Can Currency be Revalued Over Night?

As governments keep inflating their respective currency supplies we will have some choppy times ahead.  Eventually, the dollar will have to be revalued.  Eventually we are going to see  the dollar lose its international reserve status.  Eventually the U.S. government is going to have to default on its debt or inflate its way out.  Either way, the global economy is going to be in turmoil.  Mike Maloney explains how to position yourself for this inevitable event.


What happened in Scotland?

As governments drive their respective countries into ruin we are going to see more and more pushes for Independence around the world.  Even thought Scotland’s secession referendum failed, it is a great to see this push for liberty.   I believe that Scotland will be independent in the not too distant future.

Look at these Rascals!

Truly, what an amazing picture.  All the living secretaries of state taking out the first shovels for the “United States Diplomacy Center” (talk about George Orwell Double Speak) at its finest.  All of them in one picture really brings to mind what a bunch of criminal psychopaths have been running U.S. foreign policy.   I am not exaggerating, I am talking about criminal psychopaths.  Here Madeleine Albright claims that the deaths of 500,000 children in a Iraq were worth it.   Here was John Kerry anti war activist and now slave to Government-Industrial War Machine. Colin Powell’s famous speech to the U.N. where he pointed out WMD sites was a complete lie.  Colin Powell at the time had overwhelming credibility among the American people which the Bush Administration used to drag us into disaster. Henry Kissinger is a war criminal and a lap dog for Rockefeller globalists.   Need I mention Hillary?