Alan Watts – Insecure societies and hermits

Insecure societies fear nonconformists.  Insecure societies desperately want everyone to stay the same.  They want everyone to be part of the system because those people who choose to be not part of the system reveal the ruse, the cosmic joke that it is all a game, it is all an illusion.  Truly confident societies revere the outsider and the hermit because they realize that such people are healthy for a society.  They keep the controllers of society in check because they are always there to show the people that there is an other way of living, that you do not have to be controlled by the system.


Words of wisdom form Alan Watts

America and the West desperately needs its outsiders more than ever before.  Who will serve as an example?  Who today is willing to withdraw there consent?  Who has the courage?






The case for Marijuana research on PTSD

Apparently Marijuana can help regulated memory and actually can serve a physiological function.  It can help people break out of unhealthy mental loops and help nudge the brain into a healthy state.  Like anything else, marijuana has the potential for abuse, but it is interesting to think about using marijuana in conjunction with psychological therapy.   Unfortunately, marijuana prohibition has made psychological therapy lawfully impossible and has driven marijuana underground.  In this kind of legal environment, the worst kind of uses of marijuana are exacerbated while its potential benefits and possible constructive uses are withheld from the public.





From Wikipedia: “Consciousness is the quality or state of self-awareness.”

I have been thinking of consciousness a lot lately.  I have been thinking of how hard it is to “wake people up”.  Most people simply do not care about what is going in the world or the reality they live in.  Most people want to focus on their own problems and what is going on in their own lives.  Most people will defend their construct of reality almost to the death.  I understand why.  To question our own reality can be a very challenging process.  It can feel like death.  To give up on one’s faith in the pillars of humanity can be daunting.  To learn about the history of False Flag Terrorism, to learn that a whole economic system is based on an illegal banking cartel, and to learn that your own government is willing to test chemical weapons on American Citizens is physiologically painful.  We don’t want to believe these are true.  We don’t to believe that we were lied to.  We do not want to believe we were wrong.  I used to truly believed that American foreign policy was a force of good throughout the world.  I believed that we were making a difference.  Both experiencing it firsthand and extensive research has forced me to change my views on this.  In no way are we supporting freedom and liberty throughout the world.   In no way are we making the world a better place.  The American Military is a war machine pure and simple, no more, no less. The ruling classes use this machine for their own interests.  They have no respect for the people that serve in the military.  They think that men and women that serve in the military are a bunch of ignorant brutes to be used and expended.  A good example of this is Henry Kissinger‘s statement on the topic “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”  Henry Kissinger meant what he said by purposely extending the Vietnam war for years killing thousands for political convenience. As for myself, a man that originally wanted to make a career in the military, learning about this kind of information is still shocking, it seems like my whole life has turned upside down.

What is the answer?  What can a person do?  Forgot what one has learned and pursue the same course as before?  After all, people don’t want to hear what you have to say.  Many people will think that you have gone crazy.  Many people will hate you for it.  You risk becoming a social outsider.  I think that the true path may lay within ourselves.  For those that are “awake”, we must take a deep look within ourselves.  What stuff are we made of?  What are we willing to sacrifice in the pursuit of truth?  What does morality demand of us and are we willing to do it?  Only recently have I reflected deeply on these topics.  I have not come to a conclusion yet but I think that we must consider human consciousness.  We must raise our own consciousness to gain the courage we will need to pursue and spread the truth.  We must raise the consciousness of others so that they will be willing to listen

Here is an article on consciousness that I think people should read.  I grew up Catholic,  I was an atheist in my early to mid 20s and in the last couple years or so I have really started to reconsider the nature of the human condition. I believe that scientific evidence exists that our universe might potentiality be more complex than a simple Newtonian model.  I don’t believe that simple neurons firing in the biological human brain can explain the vast tapestry of human existence.   There are many ways to approach this topic and I plan to write future articles on this.