Guardian interview with Edward Snowden

Snowden’s interviews always seem to be interesting.  Snowden talks about about how doctors, lawyers, investigators, and possibly even accountants need to change their online behavior to to protect their clients from government theft of information.  We truly live in a brave new world where everyone who has an obligation of confidentiality has to protect their clients not from the public but from their government.

Snowden mentions how we all carry around cell phones which are networked audio devices that presumably the NSA could turn on and listen at any time.

Snowden does not us Google or Skype.

Snowden describes how nude photos attained through mass NSA surveillance have passed around the office without the victim ever knowing.  The NSA has almost no oversight to prevent this kind of behavior

Snowden suggest using SpiderOak for cloud storage.

Full interview here.


Snowden Interview

Edward Snowden sat down for an interview with German television network ARD. The interview has been intentionally blocked from the US public, with virtually no major broadcast news outlets covering this story. In addition, the video has been taken down almost immediately every time it’s posted on YouTube.

Economics of Police State

The great Tom Woods!  No way can explain the inter-workings of the police state in such an uplifting manner like Tom Woods.  Now I know why the police have hard time catching murderers but seem to excellent at harassing the public. I always sort of expected some of these reasons but Tom Woods lays it out in such a great way it is now obvious to me.  The police really do not have much a motive to catch murderers.  Especially when low murder conviction rate is under reported.  But the drug war!  That is where the money is!  Police departments do not get federal money for catching murderers, rapists, and other dangerous criminals but non-violent drug offenders better watch out!  This is because of the staggering amount of money linked to the drug war.  The more drug convictions, the more money and grants flow from the federal government.  Most of these grants seem come in the form military weapons and equipment so that our average peace officer is bristling with more firepower than a Marine in the Battle of Fallujah.  Human nature being what it is, police start acting like they are exactly that when dealing with the civilian population of the U.S.

Watch Tom Woods to find out all the cool military weapons like grenade launchers and tanks owned by your local police!


Do we live in a Police State?

The answer is yes, but Ron Paul has some good news.  Things are changing.  People are turning against the police state.  Whenever I feel down about how things are going I need to remind myself to listen Ron Paul.  If he can be so upbeat about the prospects of liberty, so can I.  I will try to follow Ron Paul’s example in the future and be more positive in the face corruption and tyranny.  We really do have a bright future ahead of us.  Life might be rough during the readjustment but things will be so much better afterwards we will like at these days as the Dark Ages.  Never before in history has the tradition of liberty had such deep intellectual foundation rooted in institutions like the Mises Institute.  Never before has a revolution had deeply good and honest men like Ron Paul leading the movement. Never before has any intellectual movement had the internet to spread the word. Neo-conservatism, political liberalism, communism, and socialism have all failed.  The only ideology left is radical individual liberty.  It is the only ethical system that allows human beings to reach their highest potential. Thanks to Ron Paul for moving us closer to that new age of liberty.